What is ABA? 

            ABA is the process of applying research and

    evidence based strategies to systematically develop skills, decrease challenging behaviors, and increase positive behaviors. It targets a wide range of behaviors and abilities and can be used with a variety of populations. Applied Behavior Analysis is currently the most effective treatment         for autism and related disorders and is endorsed by the                   U.S. Surgeon General and the American                

                                 Academy of Pediatrics.


  • Vocational skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Social skills
  • Community participation
  • Leisure skills
  • Behavior modification
  • ​Safety skills



Welcome to Bluebird!


  • Parent training
  • Sibling involvement
  • Community outings
  • In-home strategies and interventions
  • Home program development

  • Communication
  • Play skills
  • Academics
  • Self help skills
  • Toilet training
  • Behavior modification
  • ​Social skills


Bluebird Behavioral Solutions provides Applied Behavior Analysis

therapy to children, teens and adults with autism, ADHD and other 

developmental disabilities.​ ABA is also used to address social and

behavioral challenges of typically developing individuals. We

believe that every person has the capacity to learn new skills,

continue to develop and improve the quality of their lives and those

around them. Our goal is to address and overcome challenges in various

areas of daily living that lead to productive, successful, and rewarding

experiences. Bluebird is committed to helping our clients reach their full potential

by catering to their unique abilities and learning styles.